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Welcome to TradeNAIRA

Thank you for your interest in TradeNAIRA.

We are pleased that you have shown interest in our platform and want to list our objectives;

1. Our biggest dedication is to transaparency. We want to have a clear and open market that is not subject to manipulation based on opacity.

2. We want a fair exchange. Every member has full control over pricing.

3. We want to distrupt an outdated market. Nigeria's foreign exchange market has not had any innovation for decades. While technology has moved forward, our economy has stayed in the stone age.

4. Bridge the gap between the two markets. We want to reduce the spread between the official market, led by the CBN, and the parrallel market. This gap has been a drain on economic activity and a tax on many businesses trying to operate internationally.

5. Grow the Nigerian economy. In everything we do, we always put the well being and the development of Nigeria's economy at the forefront of our activities. We work hand in hand with businesses trying to promote positive commercial activities that can provide local jobs.

We hope you enjoy using our site and encourage members to contact us with any fresh ideas or just to discuss ways of making life easier for everybody.






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