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How to buy and sell dollars in Nigeria

How to buy and sell dollars in Nigeria

Buying and selling dollars in Nigeria is not a complicated process

It can be quite challenging to know how much your dollar is actually worth and to find the best rates for your currency exchange. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy and sell dollars in Nigeria. We’ll cover everything from where to buy your dollars up to when to sell them back. With these easy instructions, it won't be hard for you at all!

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What Is The Difference Between Buying And Selling Dollars?

The process of buying and selling dollars in Nigeria is a difficult one. With so many steps, it can be confusing on what exactly you need to do. To avoid any confusion, let's break down the basics of when to buy and sell dollars in Nigeria.

Buying dollars is when you purchase your currency with the intention of spending it soon after. You might want to buy dollars for an upcoming vacation or business trip abroad.

Selling dollars is exchanging your currency for another country's currency at an agreed upon rate, also known as selling back or fixed-rate trading. If you're planning on traveling abroad, selling your dollars might be a viable option because they will not be worth as much once you return home.

Buying Dollars

If you're a visiting Nigerian, you can purchase local currency at any of the banks and branches around the country. However, these are usually not the best rates, as they tend to be quite expensive. For those who don't have an ATM card or bank account in Nigeria, it's recommended that you buy your dollars from a money changer.

The first thing you'll need is to find a money changer. You can do this by going to an area where there is a lot of traffic and asking locals if there's a money changer nearby that will sell dollars for the rate you want. In most cases, you will be able to get better rates than what banks offer.

Once you've found a money changer that offers good rates, go inside and exchange your dollar amount for Naira in cash (Naira is the name of the local currency). Then use your cash to purchase your desired amount of dollars at the current rate.

Selling Dollars

If you want to sell dollars, the first thing you'll need to do is find a currency exchange in Nigeria. There are international banks that offer currency exchange services in Nigeria, but they will have fees attached to them.

You can also use an online currency exchange like or that will offer lower fees than if you went through an international bank.

Once you find your preferred location, the next step is to determine how much money you want to sell and how many months or years of guaranteed capital gain it has. You can use this information when choosing the best rates from the currency exchange company.

Where To Buy Your Dollars

The first step in buying dollars is to find a trusted and reputable source. You'll need a source that's reliable and trustworthy, since you're going to be investing some of your money into the currency exchange.

If you're not sure where to go, try checking with your local bank or credit union. If they don't offer it, you may want to check if there are any authorized sellers on the Nigerian Central Bank website.

If you still can't find a reputable seller, then the next-best bet would be to buy your dollars from an ATM. Not only do ATMs typically offer better rates than banks, but they also give you more control over how much cash you have on hand.

If you still can't find a reliable or trustworthy seller of dollars, then chances are that what's available for purchase isn't worth the risk. A good rule of thumb is to avoid purchasing foreign currencies from individuals from shady sources like flea markets or shady online sites like Ebay or Craigslist.

When To Sell Your Dollars Back

Before you sell your dollars back to the Nigerian central bank, make sure that the market rate is going up. If you don't, it's best to hold on to those dollars. The time to sell your dollars back will depend on how long you've held them for.

If you've held your currency for less than 24 hours and the market rate is going down, it'll be a good idea to save your money for another day. If you're looking to get more money in exchange for your dollars, try waiting at least 3 days before selling them back.

If you've held your currency for more than 24 hours and the market rate is going up, it's best to sell them back immediately before they go too high!