Web Fraud: Financial master cautions young people against make easy money condition

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Prestigious accountant and monetary master Vera Augustine yesterday encouraged Nigerian adolescents to connect with themselves in significant dares to make money instead of including themselves in extortion and questionable exercises.

In an articulation in Abakaliki, Vela noticed that this disorder has made the adolescents languid, cautioning that if this appalling pattern isn't handled earnestly, the fate of our general public is destruction.

Her words: "The tragic truth is, among the joblessness, there are a great many positions in Nigeria. Utilizing easy routes to progress is turning into the thing to address in Nigeria, and it is tragic. Consistently, you see on the pages of papers capture and conviction of Yahoo young men. Unfortunately, the majority of these folks are graduates.


Renowned accountant and financial expert Vera Augustine

"Anyway, the inquiry is, did you go through four years in school to wind up as a fraudster? Our young people need to have a reevaluation. It's about time that they understand that the fate of this nation lies in their hands."

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