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The managing director of the nigeria export processing zones authority (nepza), prof

Katsina’s special economic zones will facilitate improved investment climate, says Adesugba

The Managing Director of the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA), Prof. Adesoji Adesugba, has expressed that the Cotton and Medical Tourism Parks' foundation in Katsina State would achieve the required improved venture environment to the state.

He similarly said that the two special monetary zones, when completely operational, will change the foundation and speculation scene of the state.

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The free zone conspires a worldwide financial idea that upholds expedient framework improvement, produces both unfamiliar and nearby direct speculations, makes occupations, and invigorates neighborhood creation for send out.

Adesugba pushed: "While the Cotton Industrial Park to be sited in Funtau will help in speeding up business exercises and achieve seriousness, the Medical Tourism Park will perpetually diminish the tremendous capital flight and misfortunes through clinical the travel industry.

"Our essential arrangement is to have the clinical parks spread around the six geo-political zones. We are content with Katsina's degree of responsibility towards these undertakings. The state government's offer to reserve 250 hectares for the Cotton Park and 300 hectares for the clinical park is now an example of overcoming adversity. We would be more joyful if the Certificates of Occupancy are given to NEPZA quickly."

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