How to buy bitcoin in nigeria

How to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Top websites to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Bitcoin is the number one crypto currency currently taking over the world. There are many practical uses that make it advantageous to traditional fiat currencies and those run by central banks around the globe. One of the key attractions is that it is completely autonomous of any central bank’s monetary policies and has a relatively fixed supply and as such the value will not be eroded by a large-scale new supply of the currency that can cause inflation.

Here are the top 5 places you can go to buy Bitcoin online:

  1. Bitcoin to Naira exchange - TradeNAIRA
  2. Luno
  3. LocalBitcoins
  4. NairaEx
  5. BitPesa

TradeNAIRA is the number one place to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria as it is one of the few versatile platforms built specifically for Nigeria and the local business climate.

There are also many other services being provided that make this the ultimate crypto currency trading platform in the west African region.



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