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Technology & Science1 posts

e-Money: The future of Cryptocurrency

e-Money has declared that they are incorporating with the Polygon Network in Q3, 2021. As of late, the acknowledgment of cryptographic money installments and blockchain innovation has been dramatically expanding all through online platforms and physical assets, setting the requirement for more stablecoins in different currencies. e-Money has effectively filled that hole with their European stablecoins. 

The European stablecoins eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK and eDKK gave by e-Money will be accessible on the Polygon Network, empowering more users to join the organization utilize their local currency to work with exchanges. 

These stablecoins are additionally interest bearing, showing that the interest acquired on the basic resources is reflected in the token's value, permitting token holders to make monetary profits. Moreover, quarterly reviews by Ernst and Young will ensure the integrity, transparency and straightforwardness of e-Money stablecoins, guaranteeing Proof of Funds. 

Martin Dyring-Anderson, e-Money CEO and Founder, said: “We are very excited to integrate with the Polygon Network to bring e-Money’s compliant European digital currencies to a broader audience. We believe Polygon users will benefit from having European stablecoins rather than just USD-denominated stablecoin options. This integration will enable e-Money to interact with real-world economies and DeFi applications, thereby expanding our user base and strengthening our position as a leading issuer of trustworthy stablecoins.”

The combination of e-Money's European stablecoins will give a critical expansion to Polygon's variety of stablecoins. It will likewise work with quicker reconciliations with European curencies searching for local currencies for the business sectors they work in.