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Oyo Beggars Disobey Government and Return to Streets

The homeless in Ibadan have apparently gotten back to Mokola roundabout and different spots where they at first in the city before they were relocated by the Oyo State Government. 

A significant number of the homeless were spotted at the roundabout their youngsters were playing a few days after the state government moved them to a facility.

The homeless' representative, Sagire Yusuf disclosed to Vanguard News that his kin didn't dismiss the government's proposal to take them off the streets. He however did say that their freedom was restricted at the facility.  

“My people are complaining that their freedom is restricted. Why some people have not gone is because they are blind and they need assistance before they can go there. But, they promised to go there tomorrow.

“As for those people you saw at Mokola, that’s where they live. People know them there. That’s where they get money. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to go. The state government has done well for us by providing necessary facilities,” he said. 

It was discovered that the homeless are concerned that they may starve when the state government quits giving food to them. 

Yet, at significant roads and intersections where they had remained for quite a long time, church congregrants and pedestrians frequently go there with nourishment for poor people. 

SaharaReporters prior detailed that Oyo State Government had initiated the departure of the homeless from certain pieces of Ibadan, the state capital, to a resettlement facility. 

As per the public authority, the departure of the homeless people from the Jemibewon region to a resettlement faciilty in Akinyele began on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. 

Homeless people, throughout the long term, had been living around shanties on Jemibewon Road in the Sabo space of Ibadan, which is a Hausa/Fulani settlement in the city. 

The government, however, recently said it had commenced evacuation of the beggars to the newly built Akinyele Resettlement Cent