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Lekki Toll Gate Massacre: Amnesty International to Investigate

The disturbing footage of Nigerian security officials opening fire on peaceful #EndSARS protestors has shocked the world. As a result international organization, Amnesty International. 


Outstanding questions

While the evidence collected by Amnesty International through on-the-ground interviews and open source research points to military involvement in the killings at Lekki Toll Gate on 20 October 2020, there are still many questions that need answered.

Who ordered the killings?


Why was the light at the toll gate switched off before the attacks on protesters?


When will there be accountability for these killings?


The authorities must answer these questions immediately, end the killing andexcessive use of force against peaceful protesters across the country and commit to implementing their demands for police reform and accountability for police brutality.


Photo from the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre.

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