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EFCC Attempts to Evict Adenuga’s Former Mistress, Personal Secretary

A video has surfaced online of against unite office, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, endeavoring to oust Nora Olumide Johnson, a previous mistress and personal secretary of more than 30 years to billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga, from her home. 

In the video, Johnson could be seen sobbing as she begs Adenuga to let her be. 

"Mike Adenuga, leave me alone. What have I done? He said I stole money, the money I didn’t steal because I want to break up. 30 years I gave my life to Adenuga yet he wants to drive me away from this house. This house that I built. How many houses did I have? What did he do for me? He didn’t do anything for me. No husband, no children. I am finished," She said sobbing. 

In an appeal to the EFCC recently, Adenuga, had through its lawyer, Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), accused others Johnson and others of conspiracy, forgery, stealing and obtaining money under false pretence.

Adenuga in the request said he had through Worldspan Holdings Limited, one of his various organizations, directed his bankers, BNP Paribas, Paris on December 7, 2013 to close two of its accounts, the $300,000 balance moved to the current account of Conoil Producing Limited. However, in opposition to the directive, Johnson the principal defendant and another, the fifth defendant, purportedly gave a later directed the bank that the said balance be wired to DSL Nominees Limited record in China for their own benefits. 

Adenuga as indicated by an online paper, Nigerian Lawyer, additionally claimed that at some point somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2020, the principal defendant, along with others, took different monetary forms in naira and other currencies, in what might be compared to $350,000 around one billion naira (N1billion). They also falsified invoices on the purchase of vehicles, inflating air ticket fares and then some. 

By virtue of that and others, Justice Liman, the managing judge, Federal High Court, Lagos, requested the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to claim all property possessed by Johnson, including her private building, all, yet one of which she had purchased between April, 2001 and February 2010 and froze her ledgers on February 16, 2021. 

Johnson, in denying every one of the claims contained in the appeal and asserted that at no time in 2013 was she directed by Adenuga or Worldspan to move the affirmed $300,000/close any accounts nor did she take part the transfer.

Johnson kept up with that she was never questioned for any supposed redirection of $300,000 from 2013 till she left her work in 2019 and further expressed that she was never associated with supposed taking of a ghost $350,000 in the range of 2018 and 2020. 

She guaranteed on oath that Adenuga planned the ghost claims to scare and abuse her since left a 30-year  affair with him, for her true serenity. She further committed to a 13 section further testimony that she taught her direction to document an application for stay of execution just as for releasing the sets of the court, which was done and served to the prosecution.

“However, on March 17, 2021, I was suddenly asked by an EFCC officer via telephone call to come to the Commission’s office immediately. I informed the officer who called me that I had a pre-scheduled medical appointment for March 17, 2021 and that I would come to their office on the scheduled date, being March 18, 2021.

“The EFCC officer then told me that he and his fellow officers were coming to my house to pick me up and take possession of my house as there is a court order to that effect. The EFCC officers kept true to their threat as 30 minutes later they got to my house with Police officers, tried to eject me from my house, that they were taking possession of the house, despite the service of the application of the motion for stay on the EFFC.”

In the petition, her lawyers, M.J. Partnership; Solicitors, said: “Our client worked for over a period of 30 years approximately, as confidential secretary to Dr. Adenuga starting from her appointment at Devcom Merchant Bank Limited in 1990. However, irrespective of which of Dr. Adenuga’s companies our client’s salaries were paid from, our client at all times worked personally in the office of Dr. Adenuga all through the period she worked in his organization receiving various cash gifts in foreign and local currencies from Dr. Adenuga

“She handled many sensitive matters for Dr. Adenuga and at no point during her work as confidential secretary was she accused of any financial crime or misdemeanor whatsoever. She rather performed her role as confidential secretary to the best of her abilities,” the lawyers stated and urged the Commission to protect the rights of the accused from the frivolous criminal allegations.

Justice Allagoa in his judgment delivered on July 15, 2021 refused to grant the prayers of Ms Johnson and ordered that their motion be hereby set aside. The honourable court also stated that the order of Justice Liman stands in all its ramifications and that the EFCC are entitled to take possession of all that property subject to the order of judge Liman on 16th day of February, 2021.