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Bolt (Taxify) Denies Being Hacked

Social media was ablaze with allegations Wednesday evening as Nigerian users alledged their debit cards had been charged fraudulently by their Bolt app. It was also presumed that the app could have been hacked. Multiple individuals came forward online to state that their cards had also been wrongly charged, and advised the public to remove their credit card information from the app. 

Bolt, one of the most widlely used cab hailing services in Nigeria, has since issued a statement denying any such activity on their part, affirming that they had not been hacked. They stated that they did not store card information, suggesting the issue was possibly a "glitch" with their payment partner or bank. 

Patrons of electronic services are right to be vigilant over the dissemination of their personal information. Cybercrime via the hacking of websites to access user information has overwhelmed many sites in the past, Facebook included!

Below are some tweets that sparked the discussion. 


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