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Air Peace now has Landing permit in South Africa to evacuate Nigerian Citizens

A landing permit has finally been granted by South Africa to Air Peace Flight B777, allowing it to evacuage the over 300 Nigerians fleeing from the recent increase in Xenophobic attacks in Sourth Africa. 

Godwin Adama, Nigeria’s Consul-General in Johannesburg, confirmed this news via phone interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday.

This is in regard to a complaint by the Managing Director of Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema, who stated the refusal of South Africa to grant the landing permit made it impossible for the flight to leave Lagos at 1a.m. on Tuesday for Johannesburg to transport the second flight of Nigerians.

Allen also said “I do not know why they were denied the landing permit. I think it is an airline operational issue. They did not get it yesterday; but they told me that it came late yesterday (Monday)."

"We are still really working on the number (320) to see how we can fill up the airline capacity with anyone that is readily available.

“We have more than enough to fill the aircraft, the delay has also helped us because as we call names to board we see some people cleared at the last minute.

“We may not even be able to take all of them who are hopeful,” he added.

Adama, Nigeria's Counsel General to Johannesburg stated that the evacuations were being carried out according to directives by the Nigerian government.

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