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US Election 2020: Joe Biden's Net Worth?

As Democratic candidate Joe Biden inches closer to the US presidency, questions have started to rise regarding his net worth.


Compared to his rival, Biden does not own as much wealth as the incumbent US President Donald Trump. Forbes assessed his wealth in 2019 when he announced his intention to run for the US president’s office.

According to Forbes, Biden's net worth is approximately $9 million.

The publication calculated the former vice president’s net worth in 2019 by looking at his property portfolio which is $4 million. While the democratic party candidate has cash and investments worth $4 million, he also has $1 million from the federal pensions he has received.


The UK-based Daily Star reported that before taking public office, Biden used to be a lawyer and professor. He was later elected to the US Senate for the state of Delaware and served as the vice president for former president Barack Obama before making a bid for the presidency.

Biden became the youngest senator to be elected in the US when he made run for the public office for the first time.

According to Daily Star, the former US vice president used to say he was the “poorest man in Congress” when he had a starting salary of $42,500 per year.

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