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Presidential Election Tribunal Judgement Criticized: Buhari not Qualified to be President

The Judgement of the Presidental Election Peitition Tribunal over the the 2019 victory of President Muhammadu Buhari has been criticized by The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria.

The petition, originally filed by Atiku Abubakar, candidate of the Peoples Democtatic Party challenged Buhari's right to Nigerian Presidency, inquiring as to whether Buhari did indeed possess a secondary school; an educational requirement by law.

 The tribunal endorsed President Buhari's Nigerian Military certificate, stating was higher than a secondary school certificate qualifying him for the position.

A statement released on Wednesday bu the HURIWA read:"We are not surprised that the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal has wrongly confirmed the overwhelming perception of most critical-minded Nigerians that nothing good will ever come out from the current contraption we call the Nigerian judicial system."

"The Nigerian system as it is currently constituted is dysfunctional, is compromised, is tainted politically, is populated and driven physically by people with the wrong mindset who are not patriotic, who are not committed to the real essence of justice as it should be.”

The group further said, “It is inconceivable that the judiciary would close its eyes to the fact that there are lingering debates and argument strong enough to disqualify one of the candidates which are the exact whereabouts of the secondary school certificate.

“If the constitution says you need at least a (secondary) school certificate, what the constitution means is that the secondary school certificate is the minimum benchmark."

“Secondly, we are highly disappointed in the first instance by the dismissal of the application that was filed by the petitioner seeking to get the Supreme Court's nod to compel INEC to allow the petitioners to supervise the server.” 


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