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Sex for Grades with Boniface: UNILAG And Four Square Gospel Church Disassociate

After the "Sex for Grades" expose by BBC, The Foursquare Gospel Church has asked Prof Boniface Igbeneghu, Senior lecturer at the University of Lagos to step down as Pastor. 

In a documentary released today, Africa Eye with sponsorship for BBC released footage capturing lecturers soliciting sex from students in exchange for grades and other academic favors. Lecturers from University of Ghana and University if Lagos were investigated, Professor Prof Boniface included.

Boniface was captured praying with the undercover journalist for an extented period of time before requesting to kiss her and then embracing her against her protests. He then also advises her to be "obedient" in exhange for his help. 

A statement by The Foursquare Gospel Church is as follows: “The attention of the leadership of The Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria has been drawn to a video clip trending on social media platforms titled “Sex for grades: Undercover in West Africa Universities- BBC News,”    

“Wherein a lecturer in University of Lagos named Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu also described as a pastor in Foursquare Gospel Church was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct with some female students of the university.

“The general public is hereby informed that as a holiness and Bible-believing Church, we do not condone such heinous and unscriptural act among our ministers."

“We totally dissociate ourselves from the purported conduct of Dr. Igbenoghu and promise to take appropriate measure as soon as the ongoing investigation is concluded. 

“Meanwhile, the pastor in question has been asked to step down from all ministerial assignments.'' 

The University of Lagos has also distanced itself from Boniface and according to BBC: “Unilag told us it dissociates itself from the alleged behavior of Dr. Boniface and that it has a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment." 


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