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Crime & Public Services1 posts

Nigerian Officials Intercept Pangolin Scales Worth N1.7 billion

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has caught 15 sacks of pangolin scales weighing 1,014.5kg with a worth of over N1.7 billion. 

The National Public Relations Officer, NSC, DC Joseph Attah, revealed two suspects were captured in possession.

“This criminality was not essentially a Nigerian thing, sadly some foreigners with active connivance of few Nigerians are bent on using our dear country as a transit route for illegal wild life trade,” he said.

He said a DNA test would be led on the scales to know which country the scales were from. 

He further said that the people who purchased these things were not Nigerians but rather from Asian nations and other internaional nations, expressing that Nigerians that were involved were tricked by cash to give a storage center where the parts could be put away.

“Today we are here to showcase the success story of the NCS’s ongoing crackdown on illegal wild life trade.

“You will recall that two months ago, NCS acting on credible intelligence provided by our international partners announced wild life seizure worth over N22 billion with arrested suspects currently facing prosecution.

“In the course of further investigation to arrest other members of the gang, we received another credible intelligence from the same international partner, Wildlife Justice Commission, and swiftly deployed our intelligence operatives with the Strike Force as a SWAT team.

“This led to the interception of One Mercedes Benz Bus with registration number BGT 256 LG along Kudirat Abiola Way Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos,” he said.

The CGC said that upon examination, the bus was found to contain the following: pangolin scales; 60kg, 35kg, by 54kg, 64kg, 66kg, 58kg, 50kg, 73kg, 61kg, 64kg, 92kg, 89kg, by 60kg, by 92.5kg totalling 1,009.5kg and one sack of Pangolin Claws by 5kg all totalling 1,014.5kg with a DPV of N1. 7 billion.

He named the two suspects already arrested in connection with the seizure as: Salif Sanwidi and Sunday Ebenyi, adding that they would be charged to court to answer for their crimes.

“For the avoidance of doubt, illegal wild life trade contravenes Section 63 “e” and “g” of CEMA Cap 45 LFN 2004.

“Nigeria is a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. As responsible member of the global community, we cannot allow our nation to be used as a conduit pipe for illegal trade on wild life.

“We remain committed to the quarterly meeting with embassies of U.S., UK and Germany and welcome on board other International organizations that are joining the fray,” he said.

He commended Wildlife Justice Commission for their continued commitment to the course through the provision of credible and actionable intelligence, including technical aids.

“NCS appreciates this working synergy and looks forward for more,” he said.

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