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Crime & Public Services1 posts

Niger State Bans Cattle Markets for Security


Niger State Government has declared the suspension of all weekly cattle markets across the state as a feature of measures to abridge the rising instances banditry and kidnappings, compelling September 1, 2021. 

The Secretary to the State Government, Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, additionally said  on Tuesday, that any vehicle conveying cows into the state should show a Way-bill and proof of beginning where cattle were bought and their objective. 

The State had additionally restricted the offer of petroleum based goods in jerry cans or some other containers at filling stations and activities of trucks conveying timber.

He said usage of motorcycles in Minna and environs are just permitted from 6am to 6pm. 

Matane further said all fuel stations were not permitted to sell  more than N10,000 to a vehicle at a time. 

He likewise guided filling stations to be watchful of vehicles or bikes coming for multiple buys. 

It was additionally accumulated that the restriction on bikes would be stretched out to regions where banditry and kidnappings are frequent.

These actions came five days after the State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello, pledged while getting the Tegina Islamiyya Children at the Government House in Minna that he would set up vital measures to manage the hoodlums in the state. 

The SSG said: "Government is aware of the inconveniences the measures would cause the people, but the decision was taken in the overall interest of the State.


Prohibition on deals of used garments 

“Government is still contemplating on the ban on hawking and supply of loaves of bread with cartons on motorcycles and the sales of cardigans, popularly known as Sweater.

“It is believed that those guys conceal guns in the bread while they are suppliers of sweaters to bandits,” the source said.

Measures excessively rigid 

However, a Minna-based Civil Society Organization, the Blue Resolution Initiative, said the actions were too severe except if the public authority was prepared to give choices to pad the difficulty the majority may confront. 

The President of the drive, Mohammed Danjuma Abubakar, said; "even small scale businesses that are trying to thrive will die because the owners close around 10pm.

“The ban on movement of motorcycles in Minna is not ideal. And for markets, no attack has taken place in any markets. So the livelihood of many rural people is also at a stake.”

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