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Crime & Public Services1 posts

Islamic Police Intercept Of 3,600 Crates Of Alcohol In Kano

The Kano State Hisbah Board has held onto a truck stacked with 3,600 cases of beer covered with sacks of chicken feed. 

In a video, Commander General of the Board, Harun Ibn-Sina, and others were seen revealing the disguise as they uncovered a few boxes packed behind the packs of feed. 

The truck was said to have begun its journey from Kwanar Dangora to Kiru town in Kano State. 

This comes five days after the Islamic police seized two vehicles stacked with 5,760 containers of alcohol on the Kano-Madobi street. 

The Public Relations Officer of the board, Lawan Ibrahim-Fagge, had revealed this last Wednesday. 

The assertion cited the Commander¬¬-General of the board as saying that the culprits were caught by Hisbah authorities around 4am on Wednesday. 

"Hisbah board hdas prohibited the sale of beer in the state to avoid being intoxicated,” he said

Ibn-Sina added that the board would keep on supporting the battle against drugs and other inebriating substances among young people in the state. 

He recognized the endeavors of the Hisbah corps, volunteers and partners, for their responsibility, adding that the unwholesome practice had been a worry to the general public. 

The authority general said endeavors at freeing the general public of the threat of narcotics and different intoxicants would be supported. 

In spite of judgment from Nigerians, the Hisbah group has proceeded with its push for the Islamic plan in the North. They are likewise infamous for destroying loads of alcohol.

The organization, set up to implement Sharia law in certain states in the district, as of late positioned a prohibition on the utilization of mannequins, even in store. 

It likewise prohibited a fashionable hair styles, sagging of pants and playing of music at get-togethers by DJs,

A barber and his clients were additionally captured as of late for hair styles that were offensive to Islam. 

Additionally, in March 2021, Hisbah agents captured two men associated with sending obscene materials to a wedded lady. 

The suspects were followed and captured after the lady reported to the board.

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