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FRSC: Using Google Maps While Driving Is An Offence

Driving with the aid of Google Maps using mobile phones is a serious traffic offence according to Ayuba Gora, FCT Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC.)

Gora also stated that the use of mobile phones in general while driving is forbidden by law as it could lead to accidents. He also added that corps would also begin installing speed limiting devices into vehicles and especially adviced commercial vehicle operaters to comply.

“We will embark on massive checks of vehicles without this device soon and arrest those that disconnected the devices from their vehicles. “It is very important that all vehicles should have the device installed in their vehicles.

“The required speed limit for commercial vehicles even on the highways should not exceed 90 km/hr for buses and taxis. “By doing this today, we are simply reminding motorists that they must drive with care and observe traffic rules and regulations in order to make the job very easy for all of us.

“If you are arrested this period, you will not just pay fines but must be taken for emotional evaluation test in the hospital to ascertain your mental fitness before we let go,” he said.


Gora further urged the public to dial 122 or 112 to report unsual behavior and accidents on the roads.  

Mr Gora also discredited speculation that the speed limiting device damaged the engine or interfered with fuel supply. 

“Once the vehicle reaches a predetermined top speed, the computer steps in and restricts the flow of air and fuel to the engine and even the sparks that cause combustion. “Either way, the vehicle will be unable to exceed the top speed as determined by the car’s manufacturer.

“The problem we have with the operators of these vehicles is that, when a speed limiting device has been installed, they tamper with it. In the process of tampering by disconnecting, it leads to a problem.” 


Do you think Google Maps should be banned while driving?

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