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Bandits kill 30 in attack

About thirty people were killed by bandits in Babban Rafi village in the Gummi Local Government Area of the state on Tuesday. In a separate attack, two further health wordes were killed on the same day at Makosa village in the Zurmi Local Government. 

Lawali Suleiman and Aliyu Mohammed, were the names of the health workers on duty administering polio vaccine at the time of their murders. They were allegedly killed because they refused to give up their belongings to the bandits. 

A witness, Mallam Musa Ibrahum, who narrowly barely escaped, gave an account of his experience on with the bandits in Babban Rafi. In the early hours of Tuesday, the bandits, arrived on motorbikes, armed with AK-47 rifles and began shooting. Some individuals who ran into the neighboring bush for refuge were chased and killed by the bandits. 

On Wednesday, Governor, Bello Matawalle, at the 2020 Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Gusua, the state capital, issued a directive for the bandits to surrender. The governer, as part of a peace intiative, granted amnesty to kidnappers who released about 427 hostages last year.  

There have been increasing incidents of these killings and kidnappings and according to Usman Nagoggo, Commissioner of Police, no less than  6,319 murders had been committed in 2019.

But the governor, as part of efforts to solve the problem, in August last year, granted amnesty to repentant bandits, who released no fewer than 427 hostages after embracing the peace initiative of the state government.


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