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Anambra Church Prosecuted for Noise Pollution

Over charges of noise pollution, a new generation church in Nnewi, Anambra State has been sealed off in Magistrate Court proceedings presided over by Emekwue AC.


The church leadership which was sued by the Director of Environmental Health Services and the Nnewi North local government area and as a result, the church was given 10 days to relocate or have its officials face jail time.

The church was said to have mounted amplifiers and numerous loud speakers which caused excessive noise, disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood at all hours of the night. Witnessess testified that the church often even held  disruptive night vigils between 11pm and 4am.

In a charge number NMC/10c/2019, the church was prosecuted on two count charges under the public health laws of Anambra state.

The prosecution characterized the churche's activities as ‘prejudicial to man’s health’, which is punishable under section 21 of the public health laws of Anambra state 2006.

The church was also accused of failure to comply with terms and requisition of abatement notice referenced No: 00000896 served on it.

This action is  punishable under sections 8(1,4b) and 9(1,2) of the public health laws of Anambra state.


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