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How to Convert GHS to Naira

How to Convert GHS to Naira

How to Convert GHS to Naira

The greenback is the predominant currency for international trade, whereas the naira is used for small-scale cross-border transactions. When exchanging between the two, you will see the greenback referred to as the dollar or American dollar, and the naira referred to as the naira or Nigerian dollar. In this article, we will show you how to convert GHS to Naira and vice versa.

Convert GHS to USD

The first thing you will need to do is find the exchange rate from GHS to USD. This can be done by looking at online currency converter sites, like Google or Yahoo. Once you find the date, you will need to take that number and divide it by the current exchange rate in USD. If you are using Google for your conversion, you will use the following formula:


Convert USD to NGN

To convert US dollars to naira, you need to divide the number of USD by the current exchange rate. For example, if the current exchange rate is NGN = 1.60 and you have $10,000 USD then 10,000/1.60 = 6666.666

Alternatively, you can use an online currency converter to do this automatically for you.

How to Convert NGN to GHS

To convert Naira to GHS, simply multiply the amount in Naira by 191.

To convert GHS to Naira, divide the value in GHS by 191.

How to Convert GHS to Naira

There are several ways to convert GHS to Naira. Online, you can use the Google search bar by typing in "Naira to GHS" and inputting a number. On your phone, you can download a currency conversion app - there are many apps for this purpose. Another way is by finding a forex bureau that offers currency exchange rates. There are many of these in large cities like Lagos or Abuja, or you can find them on Google Maps by searching "Exchange Bureau". You can also go to the Nigerian Bureau of Inland Revenue (IBR) website - they offer live rates there as well.


So, you want to convert GHS to Naira? We have you covered.

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Good luck with your conversion!